Staff Functions

Work hard, party harder with our staff functions

Celebrate a work win your way. With our customisable staff functions, the floor is all yours.

Work hard, party harder with our staff functions

Celebrate a work win your way. With our customisable staff functions, the floor is all yours.

Our venue,

your playground

When you bring your staff to our warehouse, you leave your workplace behind in more ways than one.

Our open-plan space offers ample room to roam, turning your crowded work schedule into a distant memory – at least for one evening. It’s a long-awaited departure from the small, dark rooms and packed pubs of staff functions’ past.

And in their place? The exact theme, DJ, food, drink and overall vibe of your dreams – brought to life.

A truly

out-of-office experience

There’s no other venue like THE THIRD DAY. Host here – and you’ll ignite a legendary, one-of-a-kind work bash.


your party

Do you want a festival-style party with a DJ and dancefloor, or a quieter cocktail affair with a string quartet? We can do both – and everything in between.


your staff

We know how to help hard-working teams let their hair down. Let us show you the right way to give your staff the cheers, tributes and party they deserve.


your wins

Share presentations, photo montages and heartfelt speeches with a suite of tech tools at your disposal. Celebrate your team’s wins – together.


your load

From the photographer to the music, the food to the drink, we’ll organise everything for you. So all you need to do is show up – and have fun!

Your venue options



Why choose when you can have them all?

With up to 700 guests, your party can perform a total takeover – and savour the best of what THE THIRD DAY has to offer.

Roaming entertainment, bustling bars, a full dancefloor and ample space to sit and talk – your party can have it all.



Bring up to 150 members of your team for a walk down Lushsux Lane to arrive at our Garden Bar.

With a forest of greenery complementing our signature exposed brick, our Garden Bar is a breath of fresh air.

Perfect for an intimate gathering, this cosy bar will keep you and your guests talking and laughing all night long.



Have a small team? We’ve got you covered as well.

With our chic, intimate and stylish Chivas Lounge, you and your colleagues can kick back and relax with great drinks and good company.

But that’s not to say you can’t get up and dance. At THE THIRD DAY, you do you!



With as many as 500 of your closest colleagues, you’ll have the work party of your life in our Warehouse Bar. But if you only have 75 people in your team? Don’t worry. We can beef up the space for your party, too. Featuring exposed brick walls, suspended garden domes and raised lounge areas, there’ll be no shortage of aesthetic photo backdrops. And with our iconic DJ booth sitting centre stage, everyone in the room will be in the perfect position to party.



Do you have a smaller team – who happen to enjoy modern art?

Then Lushsux Laneway is the staff function destination for you.

Thanks to the immensely talented, globally recognised street artist Lushsux, you and your team can enjoy food, drink, conversation and art in our intimate outdoor courtyard.


With us

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