Fashion Shows

Keep your fashion show’s venue fashion-forward

Make a fashion show statement in a venue as vibey as your designs. Whatever your style, THE THIRD DAY is the ultimate runway.

Keep your fashion show’s venue fashion-forward

Make a fashion show statement in a venue as vibey as your designs. Whatever your style, THE THIRD DAY is the ultimate runway.

Take your idea from

concept to catwalk

Your fashion show should be a celebration of your original ideas and creations. So you need a venue that stands out from the crowd.

THE THIRD DAY’s expansive, open-plan space is the perfect canvas for you to customise as you see fit.

Need space for backstage change rooms? Consider it done. Enough room for a catwalk and audience? No problem. A red carpet welcome for all your esteemed guests? Of course!

When you host your fashion show with THE THIRD DAY, we make sure all eyes are on your designs.

Be a trendsetter –

in more ways than one

Your fashion show isn’t just about the clothes. It’s about the feelings they evoke. And at THE THIRD DAY, you can take your show from event to experience.

Strut with


Let’s be honest – some venues only look good with the lights turned off. But with our exposed brick walls, high ceilings and natural light, THE THIRD DAY looks picture-perfect day and night.

Succeed with


Not to brag, but we know people. With our network of supplier contacts for music, photography and more, the usually challenging fashion show planning will be a breeze.

Present with


With proper runway lighting from our suspended rig and a suite of AV supplies, our space is technically equipped to show your designs in their best light. No bad angles here!

Change with


With change room space and privacy curtains, your models are sure to feel their most comfortable, confident selves as they strut your designs down the runway.

Your venue options



Why choose one when you can have them all?

With all four of our spaces up for grabs, your fashion show can perform a total takeover – and showcase your designs in all the best spaces THE THIRD DAY has to offer.

So your guests can roam freely around our entire venue, and find inspiration at every turn.



Need a space for a more intimate experience? Our Garden Bar is perfect.

With a forest of greenery complementing our signature exposed brick, our Garden Bar is a breath of fresh air.

And if you need room for some swish networking drinks throughout the event, our cosy indoor garden comes complete with a private bar and cloakroom.



Need a place for your models to relax before they realise their runway dreams? Or somewhere to close deals with buyers?

Our Chivas Lounge is the perfect ‘backstage’ area – providing peace, good vibes and a private bar to keep your guests smiling and hydrated.



Whether you’re presenting your designs in front of 100 people or 700, our Warehouse Bar’s undeniable energy has a way of making everyone feel excited.

And with exposed brick walls, suspended garden domes and raised lounge areas, there’s no shortage of aesthetic photo backdrops, either.



A superstar collection needs a superstar entrance. And via our Lushsux Laneway, your fashion show can have exactly that.

Thanks to the immensely talented, globally recognised street artist Lushsux, you can inspire your guests right from the get-go as they walk past walls of incredible modern art.


With us

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