Award Ceremonies

Rolling out the red carpet for your award ceremony

Give your honourees the celebration they deserve with our fully customisable award ceremonies.

Rolling out the red carpet for your award ceremony

Give your honourees the celebration they deserve with our fully customisable award ceremonies.

Your event’s

one-stop shop

So, you need reliable AV tech, tables and chairs, a suspended live LED screen, additional mics and an impressive selection of catering and beverage packages for your event?

When you host your awards at THE THIRD DAY, you can tick it all off your list. And receive even more than you’ve dreamed of.

A media wall for photo opportunities. A private green room. A photo booth to capture the more intimate moments. Even a movie star entrance for your guests via our Lushsux Laneway – complete with red carpet and paparazzi.

At THE THIRD DAY, we treat your guests like A-listers.

An event

to remember

At THE THIRD DAY, you can leave behind the traditions and conventions you’d find at a typical, stuffy venue. Crafting a function that suits you and your guests.

Present with


Perfect for presentations, our space is technically equipped to have your guests hanging onto every word. No need to say it louder for the people at the back!

Host with


Want a formal ceremony with your guests seated in front of the stage – or a relaxed feel with your guests standing and mingling? We’ve got you covered either way.


with charm

Let’s be honest – some venues only look good with the lights turned off. But ‘some venues’ are not THE THIRD DAY. We’re picture-perfect during the day and night.


with style

In such a unique venue, your award ceremony will be about more than just rewarding certain people. It will be about escaping the ordinary – with all your guests.

Your venue options



Why choose one space when you can have them all?

Celebrate excellence in more ways than one when you host your award ceremony with the best of what THE THIRD DAY has to offer.

Your guests can roam freely around all four of our incredible spaces – finding inspiration at every turn.



Need a space for a smaller group – of up to 150 people? Our Garden Bar is perfect.

With a forest of greenery complementing our signature exposed brick, the Garden Bar is a breath of fresh air.

And if you need a space for some swish networking drinks between awards, our cosy indoor garden comes complete with a private bar and cloakroom.



Looking for a place to put your winner’s circle before a group photo? Or somewhere to store all the awards?

Our Chivas Lounge is the perfect ‘backstage’ area – providing peace, good vibes and a private bar to keep you and your guests smiling and hydrated.



Whether your award-winners are being honoured in front of 100 people or 500, our Warehouse Bar has a way of making everyone feel comfortable.

And with exposed brick walls, suspended garden domes and raised lounge areas, there’s no shortage of aesthetic photo backdrops, either.



Whether it’s a walkway for your guests to arrive in style or a rehearsal area for your winners’ acceptance speeches, Lushsux Laneway has the space – and calm – you need.

Thanks to the immensely talented, globally recognised street artist Lushsux, it’s hard for nerves not to settle in our little laneway.


With us

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